What is ARIAVAN?

ARIAVAN is a product developed by ARI to provide housing loans to people settling in the Kashatagh region.


What makes ARIAVAN special?

Just like all other loan products developed by ARI, ARIAVAN is guaranteed by the NKR Government, thus making it practically risk free. Furthermore, where other funds and investment opportunities focus on Artsakh, ARIAVAN is aimed at helping repopulate the Kashatagh and Nor Shahoumian regions, which together constitute a vital link between the motherland and Artsakh.



  • Closed-end structure of 7-year term with par value principal repayment at maturity
  • Investment generates a USD interest rate of 7% p.a. payable annually
  • Repayment of 1/6 of the principal at the end of the second year at par with similar payments at the end of each year thereafter
  • Risk-free as amounts are guaranteed by the NKR Government
  • Rare opportunity to conduct business with direct social impact
  • Providing the opportunity for refugees to build new lives for themselves
  • Encouraging proliferation and resettlement in the long run
  • Reinforcing the link between Artsakh and Armenia
  • Low risk government guaranteed loans
  • Avoiding long-distance business management hassles; such as those that would arise from direct investment into specific projects
  • Sidestepping currency risks as investment is fully de nominated in USD
  • Ensuring consistent returns in spite of current fragile economic situations


How to invest:

To be eligible to invest in ARI products, prospective investors must first become shareholders in the company. To do so, a simple form must be completed, signed and presented.


Documents needed:

Should you be interested in participating, the process of doing so would be as follows:

  1. Send a scanned copy of your valid passport to
  2. Send a scan of any utility bill (telephone, electricity, water – No older then 2 months) in your name, preferably in English, as a proof of you, being a non-resident of Cyprus.
  3. Indicate the amount in which you wish to participate.
  4. Indicate in which project you would like to participate:
    • AGROFUND (Micro financing of agricultural loans, 3 year maturity, 6 % interest rate)
    • ARIAVAN (housing loans, 7 year maturity, 7% Interest rate & repayment of 1/6th of the capital as of the second year).