About Us


Contribute to the sustainable development of kashatagh – Nor Shahoumian/Artsakh by investing in profitable projects & optimizing
shareholders ROI.

ARI at a glance
ARI was founded in 2009 in response to the influx of Armenian refugees in Kashatagh and Nor Shahoumian. ARI’s aim is to re-populate Kashatagh, a strategic region that links Artsakh to its Armenian motherland. ARI is a business venture with a heart; it balances sound investment opportunities while playing a vital social role. The company is registered in Cyprus for financial, tax and fundraising logistics.

How does it work?
ARI collaborates with organizations operating in the Kashatagh and Nor Shahoumian regions in an effort to ensure repopulation. Shareholders enter into contractual agreement with ARI by lending money in return for a fixed interest rate. ARI then lends the needed amounts to local organizations accredited by the NKR Government. In turn, the organization lends the amounts to beneficiaries, usually farmers and business owners, at subsidized rates.

What makes ARI special?
All loan products developed by ARI are guaranteed by the NKR Government, making the investment practically risk free. ARI concentrates on strengthening the Kashatagh and Nor Shahoumian regions, which are vital links between Armenia and Artsakh.

Heartfelt Investment
ARI offer to make a positive social impact and simultaneously practicing sound business. Investing with ARI offers the possibility to make profit and shape a brighter future for Artsakh as a whole and Kashatagh and Nor Shahoumian regions in particular.