Closed-end structure of 3 year term with par value principal repayment at maturity. Investment generates a USD interest rate of 6% p.a. payable annually. Risk-free as amounts are guaranteed by the NKR Government. Rare opportunity to conduct business with direct social impact.



Micro financing is considered as the most effective tool for poverty reduction. It caters to entrepreneurs and individuals who would not qualify for regular loans and operates in areas where banks are quasi-inexistent; predominantly rural ones. Statistically, the likelihood of beneficiaries repaying their loans is quite high, around 97%. Since ARI started operating in 2010, the microloans issued encompassed the following categories:


  • Animal husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Apiculture





The Process A to Z

  • Beneficiary farmers submit a detailed application to the collaborating organization (Set up by the Government of NK to assist agricuture)
  • The organization reviews and either accepts or rejects the application
  • Accepted applications are submitted to ARI in batches of 30 to 35 individuals
  • Each batch totals approximately $100,000
  • ARI carries out desk reviews to avoid errors and upon approval tranfers the funds
  • After distributing the funds to applicants, the organization confirms that the process is complete and that it is ready for monitoring/inspection
  • A monitoring team is dispatched from ARI, to ensure the proper distribution of the funds to applicants whose names figure in the approved batches




cowThe opportunity to make a positive social impact while at the same time practicing sound business judgment is not easy to come by. Investing with ARI offers the possibility to make a profit while impacting people’s lives and shaping the future of Artsakh as a whole and the Kashatagh and Nor Shahoumian regions in particular.


Investment Details

To be eligible to invest in ARI products, prospective investors must first become shareholders in the company. To do so, a simple form must be completed, signed and submitted.

Documents needed:

Should you be interested in participating, the process of doing so would be as follows:

  1. Send a scanned copy of your valid passport to
  2. Send a scan of any utility bill (telephone, electricity, water – No older then 2 months) in your name, preferably in English, as a proof of you, being a non-resident of Cyprus.
  3. Indicate the amount in which you wish to participate.
  4. Indicate in which project you would like to participate:
    • AGROFUND (Micro financing of agricultural loans, 3 year maturity, 6 % interest rate)
    • ARIAVAN (housing loans, 7 year maturity, 7% Interest rate & repayment of 1/6th of the capital as of the second year).